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"I can't get no ..... Motivation!"

Are you struggling to get motivated to do that workout at home?

Read some hints and tips below to get yourself moving!

Stop procrastinating!!

No more excuses!!! ......

1. Schedule it in....

You are more likely to do it if you 'book it in'.

2. Plan it

Not just booking it in, but have an idea of what workout you want to do

See our Total Body workout in our last blog... Or the Core workout recently posted in the Men's and Ladies Facebook Groups. Or do a quick YouTube search for something different

3. Create your space

If you get the opportunity ahead of your 'booked time' clear and create your space so that it is ready to go and it isn't an excuse to not do it. Also leave your workout clothes handy to avoid excuses.

4. Encourage Others

At the time of writing this - it is very likely that your children and other family members are also working from home. Why not encourage them to work out with you? Encourage each other, support each other. Make it fun.

5. Half it!!!!

If you are still struggling to get started.... then make a conscious decision to do at least half of your planned workout..... Bet ya you finish it!!!! Just get it started and the rest will follow!

6. Get your Boogie on

Put your favourite music on while getting your workout clothes on.... you are more likely to go ahead and do the workout with your feel-good music on.

7. Just Do It!

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