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Client Healthy Recipes

Vegan Lentil and quinoa Bolognese 

(Recipe kindly supplied by Dana Putniković)


> Half cup quinoa

> Half cup red split lentils

> Homemade or shop bought bolognese sauce

> Onion

> Garlic

> Courgette

> Mixed Peppers

> 2 carrots

> Fry Light spray

> Wholewheat pasta


Cook them accordingly.

> Cook quinoa and lentils according to packaging - set aside

> Chop onions, garlic, courgette and mixed peppers, grate 2 carrots.

> Use fry light to fry the courgette and onion, add the rest of veg with Bolognese sauce and simmer until tender, add lentils and quinoa 

> Simmer for 5 mins

> Serve with wholewheat pasta


Chicken Breast wrapped in Parma Ham

(Recipe kindly supplied by Natalie Sloan)


> Chicken Breast

> Mozzarella cheese (low fat if desired)

> Prosciutto/Parma or Serrano Ham

> Additional flavouring if required: paprika, chili, cayenne

> Fry Light spray



> Pre-heat the oven to Gas 5/180 

> Either grate or finely slice the mozzerlla cheese

> Remove any fat or sinew from the chicken breast

> Using a sharp knife either butterfly the chicken or cut a 'pocket'

> Push the cheese (and other flavourings) into the chicken - keep 1 piece of cheese aside to top the chicken/ham before cooking

> Wrap the chicken in the parma ham as tight as possible

> Add the last piece of cheese to the top of the wrapped chicken

> Use fry light to lightly grease a baking tray

> Put in the oven for 20mins ensuring chicken is thoroughly cooking before serving. 

> Serve with home-made potato bits, savoury rice or a fresh mixed salad

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