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Resistance, Body Weight & Core

Please note that if you wish to part-take in our these fitness activities at home that these are the conditions that you need to be aware of:
Before you start your workouts you must ensure:

    • You have checked the area where you're working and have made sure there are no obstacles or hazards

    • You are fit and well enough to complete the class

    • Any equipment used is being used correctly, in line with the manufacturer's guidelines.

    • You are aware of proper form and techniques

  • All participants must be UK residents and activities are being completed within the UK

  • All participants must have read and confirmed that you agree with Challenge Training Studios Online Programmes disclaimer and our general disclaimer

Bowling Strike
Outdoor Workout

Split routines - 4 day: upper, lower, 3 day: push/pull, core
Full body 30 mins routines - With and without equipment.

workout screenshot.JPG

Full body workout guidance/routine

Core and cool down routine


Upper and Lower Body exercises that can be done with the use of a resistance band.

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