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Keep Active with a Home Workout

If for whatever reason you cannot make it down to Challenge to do your workout, see below for some easy and hopefully straight forward ideas for a home workout.

But if you are well and still want to come to Challenge for your workout we would be delighted to see you and don't forget that gyms are hygienically cleaned more than supermarkets, trolleys, shops and buses etc. and we have sanitiser and hand-wash.


.... Now back to the workout....

Don't forget that you can add resistance using water bottles, tin cans, use your furniture or stairs and even have a bit of fun while working out at home... you can even use your over-stock of loo rolls to help you out :-) :-)

Remember to keep an eye on our Men's and Ladies Member Facebook Groups for more specific and tailored workouts, nutrition advice, discussions and even a bit of humour.

Warm up - ensure your warm up is for 3 to 5 mins.

10 normal stance Squats - 3 sets

Jog on the spot - gently for 1 to 2 mins

Jog on the spot - bit of effort for at least 30 secs

10 Star jumps - 2 to 3 sets

Lower Body

> Narrow squats - 3 sets of 10

(Add-on/make it harder: Narrow squat and kick)

(Add-on/make it harder: Pencil squat - narrow squat jump with arms straight to the ceiling)

> Sumo squats - 3 sets of 10

(Add-on/make it harder: hold a heavy weight/bottle of water/bag of potatoes during the squats)

> Lunges (Static or walking) - 3 sets of 10

Upper Body

> Press ups - 3 sets of 10

(Make it easier: off the wall, on your knees, inclined off a sofa/chair/stairs

> Tricep dips - 3 sets of 10

(Hint: on the floor, off the stairs, off a chair, between 2 chairs)

> Bicep curls - 3 sets of 10

(Add-on/make it harder: Use tins of beans or resistance bands to add resistance)

> Shoulder press - 3 sets of 10

(Hint: use a brush shaft or tins of beans or bottles of water


> Flutter kicks - 3 sets of 10

> Leg raises - 3 sets of 10

> Reverse crunches - 3 sets of 10

> Forearm plank - hold for as long as comfortable - aim for at least 20 secs

> Side Plank - hold for as long as comfortable - aims for at 10 secs per side

Stretch and Cool Down

Leg Stretches  - hold all for 30 secs + breathe!:

> Lie on floor, on side (or standing) :   Quad stretch  (pull foot/lower leg to bottom)

> One leg in front bent, back knee straight – lean in – do both legs

> Straighten bent front leg and Lean back into back leg – now bent.

> Lie on back:  Hamstring and glute stretch:  bring leg up into air, pull towards you, after 30secs drop over alternative knee and bring in.

> Sit up on bottom, put feet together, stretch inner thighs

Chest and arm stretches – hold for 30 secs each:


> Single-arm triceps stretch

> Cross-body shoulder stretch

> Standing Oblique stretch  (reach to the side)

> Chest stretch  - hands clasped and arms behind back

> Back stretch   - hands clasped held in front

Core Stretches:

> Full body stretch - reach to the ceiling with both arms, stand on toes if you can

> Cobra - lie on floor, bring arms to body lifting upper body keeping hips and legs on the floor - head/look to the ceiling