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Family Fun Work-out For All

Some workout ideas for you to do with the kids or the kids to do together

1. Warm Up - about 20 secs of each activity

> Jog on the spot

> Running on the spot kicking your bottom

> High knees

> Spotty dog

> Star jumps

> Jumping Jacks

Repeat until warm and slightly out of breath

2. Squat and Pass

> Using a beanbag/loo roll/small cushion

> Stand either in a circle if there is more than 2 of you or facing each other if just 2

> Squat (keep feet flat on the floor)

> When you come up - pass the beanbag to the person on the left

About every 10 secs or so, pause and whoever has the beanbag has to put it on their head and do a pistol squat for count of 4 each leg

> Now change direction, pass to the person on the right

3. Lunge and Pass

> Using a beanbag/loo roll/small cushion

> Standing facing your partner

> Lunge forward with your right leg

> Pass beanbag to partner

> Change legs

Repeat for 10 lunges



4. Shoulder Tap with a partner

> With 2 of you on the floor facing each other in a press up position - for a count of 20

> Tap/clap hands with the person facing you - alternate hands



5. Russian Twists back to back

> With 2 of you sitting on the floor back to back

> Twisting from the waist turn to pass a teddy bear/cushion/bean bag/loo roll to the person behind.

> Keep twisting and passing for 1 minute.



6. Floor up

> With 2 of you sitting on the floor back to back

> Link arms

> Slowly only using your legs try to stand up together

(Make it harder - try to sit down again without falling)

Try this 3 times

(image taken from

7. Assault Course

If you have the space in the kitchen or have a garden, why not build a mini-assault course.

> Using 2 buckets and a mop - make a hurdle or a limbo bar

> Use chairs or plant pots to run around

> Put a blanket on the grass for a commando crawl

> Use a pot and bean bag/loo roll for throwing skills

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