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Why Pay for a Personal Trainer?

Updated: Apr 29, 2020


We pay dentists to clean our teeth - Why? Because they are qualified. 

We take our cars to a mechanic - Why? Because they are qualified and most likely recommended.

When you hire a plumber or an electrician to work on a home issue, we check out that they are suitably qualified and insured and pay accordingly.

1. So why pay for a Personal Trainer? What can they do for me that I can't do myself?

Firstly a good personal trainer will chat with you first to determine your end goals. Do you want to lose weight, get fitter, build muscle or just learn how to use the gym effectively? A good personal trainer will ask lots of questions, discuss options and help you build a plan that you can work on together.

A personal trainer will help push you, encourage you and will give you practical and achievable targets to help you reach your end goal and help you progress it.

A personal trainer will also ensure that you learn how to use the gym effectively while working with you to achieve your goals. They should show you how equipment works, explain what muscles each exercise is working, how to load/unload the weights and more importantly... will teach you correct form and technique!

A good personal trainer will not apply the same workout to all his/her clients, nor will they offer the same food plan to all clients. Everyone is different! You are different, your fitness needs are different than my fitness needs and different from everyone else! And we all need progression, we all need to keep improving and move our workouts up a notch.

2. What should I look out for when signing up with a personal trainer?

> Qualifications

At Challenge Training Studios we pride ourselves that not only do all our trainers hold the appropriate qualifications and insurance - for training BOTH adults AND children but that we also have extensive knowledge in training ourselves first and therefore can help you on your fitness and well-being journey.

Many people who go to a gym, seeking to learn and invest in their bodies, their physical and mental health and future don't ask about the personal trainers qualifications or background or experience. So ensure you invest your time and money wisely.

> Personality/Rapport

You will be spending your money and time with this person so make sure you think there is a link/rapport there to make the task at hand more enjoyable.

> Experience

Have they experience in training to your needs, if you want to build muscle do they have the knowledge and experience to help you. If your goal is weight loss do they have knowledge of nutrition and dietary requirements.

> Philosophy

Check out their social media pages, a good personal trainer will not rely on Before/After pics, they won't constantly publicise how they 'broke' you or 'killed' you. Do they apply the same workout to all? Are they selling a 6 week transformation to all? Do they care about whether you have certain exercise hates?

> Free trial

A good personal trainer will have no issues offering you a free taster session to see if you are both compatible with each other and on the same wavelength. Then you can sit down properly and work out a training plan that should include time with the trainer and exercises you can do on your own. A personal trainers ultimate goal will not only be to help you reach your goals but to ensure that you are able to work out/train and feel comfortable in a gym by yourself. A good personal trainer will also help you progress your workouts.

3. BUT the Gyms are Closed

Yes, Challenge Training Studios - the building may be physically temporarily closed, but we are still providing workouts either over the phone, sms/text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, the website and live classes/PT sessions. Our personal trainers can still offer advice, guidance, workouts and accountability and help you keep working towards your goals.

4. And after the personal training programme - Now What?

Many clients will start using the gym on their own and start to work on their own programmes with most still keeping up some sessions with their personal trainer too. As stated at the start - a personal trainer will always push you and encourage you and help you work towards your goals - safely with achievable and practical goals - and sustainable ones too. A good personal trainer will also keep you updated with whats new and effective in the fitness industry and will help you with your accountability, your fitness progression and further/future goals.

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