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Challenge Training Studios - Who, What, Where, When and Why?

1. Who Are We?

Challenge Training Studios is a family owned, family focused Gym and Well-being Centre, owned by Natalie, John (and not forgetting Caitlin) Sloan and is managed by Calum Shaw. We have personal trainers and holistic instructors that also work with us. Providing a rounded physical and mental health Gym and Well-being centre.

We are a family gym where we are qualified to train young people (age 5 to 15) in Gym Instruction as well as adults. We are also qualified in Pre and Post Natal training, child nutrition, adult sports nutrition, boxing training and first aid.

We offer: Gym membership, Personal Training, Fitness Classes, Running Programmes, Youth & children classes and Family classes.

2. What Are We About?

We are keen to get women, men and families into a gym and feel comfortable working out and getting fitter. If your child is younger than 5 years old or isn't part-taking in a children of family class they can stay in the family area and make use of the toys, books, tv, wii, wi-fi and chill while you work out beside them.

We are also very much into promoting positive mental health which can be achieved from exercise and we also offer holistic programmes including Yoga and Mindfulness.

We offer the chance for you and your family to:

- Learn and embrace healthy habits at a pace comfortable for you

- Meet like-minded people on the same journey

- A judgement free environment where you will feel comfortable to try new exercises, ask questions and the support you need for your fitness journey.

3. Where Can You Find Us?

We are based at 41-45 York Road, Belfast, BT15 3GU - facing the old Police Station, beside Thompsons Feed (and no, you cannot smell Thompsons Feeds while inside the gym!)

4. When Can You Visit Us?

We are open:

Monday to Friday - 10:00AM to 7:00PM

Saturday - 10:00AM to 6:00PM

Some Personal Training Sessions and some classes might be outside of these times.

5. Why Did We Open?

A few years ago Natalie was having a tough time at work, she was being bullied in her job and with this stress she managed to gain over 3 stone in excess weight and became depressed. She found another job, a personal trainer and managed to lose the weight. But with a young child, a full time job and a family life to maintain she found it difficult to keep up the exercise routine. She also felt quite intimated with most of the gyms she tried out.

So she had the idea of opening a gym - one that was welcoming to ladies and where parents could bring their child and still work out!

Her husband, John and her Personal Trainer, Calum both agreed that this was a great idea... and so the spark ignited and planning began!!

The idea did morph into a bigger project when Natalie and Calum got their Level 2 Children's Qualification in Gym Instruction and NSPCC Safeguarding training. And Challenge Training Studios became a Family Gym!

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